Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dark Moon Podcast #6 - Saturn in Aquarius: 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and Healing Solutions



Dark Moon Podcast Episode #6 - Saturn in Aquarius: 5G Technology, Energy Weapons, and Healing Solutions



In this podcast, Yerevan and I talk about a multi-pronged approach for dealing with harmful frequencies from 5G wireless technology and from electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, in general. 

* Shielding from EMFs
* Creating healing frequencies to counteract harmful frequencies
* Strengthening the immune system
* Taking action to stop 5G and to raise awareness about health damage related to EMFs, in general

I've started a Stop 5G Global Ruqqus guild where you can find more information and resources.

I also started a Stop 5G Worldwide group on MeWe for organizing and information-sharing.

As part of the sociopolitical action (the personal is political, people!), I'm encouraging people to send a letter or email to their town or city councilor, asking that council make a formal request of the federal government that 5G be stopped from coming to the community or that it be removed if it already exists.

Simultaneously, send a letter to the editor to your local newspaper, encouraging others to contact their town or city councilor with the same request.

These are sample letters I've written and sent out on my end. Please feel free to copy and paste any part of them.

Sample 'Stop 5G' letter to your town or city councilor

Sample 'Stop 5G' letter to the editor


Postering Campaign on Community Bulletin Boards 

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Willow said...

Schumann resonance - 7.83 hZ

Willow said...

I use Shieldite and Iyashi in combination for EMF protection and repair:

Schumann Frequency - 7.83 Hz - frequency of the Earth and the human body.

Magnetic Minds has many more healing frequencies and sounds to peruse:

Willow said...

Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous - Get the Facts!

"5G Cell Towers are More Dangerous for Two Main Reasons:

First, 5G emits “ultra high frequencies”. The higher the frequency, the shorter the length of each wave. This means more waves hit our bodies in the same amount of time. Previous cellular generations emitted from 1 to 6 GHz frequencies. 5G cell towers may emit frequencies as high as 300 GHz.

Second, 5G technology requires “ultra high intensity”. Since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (and get obstructed easier), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate 5G cell towers will have to emit the lower 3G & 4G waves as well, and many more “mini cell towers” will have to be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. All of this combined will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure."

Willow said...

Apparently, 5G health concerns and 200+ studies showing health damage from EMFs are "fake news." Check this out: