Monday, December 10, 2012

A New Moon in Sagittarius With Uranus Stationing Direct Triggers the Squared-Off Feminine Asteroids

The New Moon at 21 degrees Sagittarius on December 13 (2:32 a.m. CST) is loosely conjunct soul mate asteroid Juno in Sagittarius and square female warrior asteroid Pallas Athene in Pisces.
This creates a concentration of the feisty themes from this post: Mars Square Pallas Athene Rx in Pisces: Kicking up the Etheric Catfights

This New Moon is infused with the energy of Juno, one of the primary feminine asteroids used in today's astrology. Juno is considered the soul mate asteroid, related to marriage and commitment.

It's also associated with mythological Hera, all-powerful Goddess, though, so don't think the Juno story ends once a ring's on her finger.

At this New Moon, Juno is in telling-it-like-it-is Sagittarius, teaching us Soul Mate Lesson Numero Uno.

What Juno knows is this: Soul mates are not often like the Hollywood or New Age versions. They're actually very hard work. Challenging from many angles. Being connected to someone at a soul level is not always pleasant. And in fact, if the person you're connected to isn't responsible with the power of the position, it can be a straight-up nightmare.

Juno knows this one first hand.

If Zeus was the King of the Gods, Hera was the Queen of the Goddesses - until, that is, she got roped into "little wifey" territory as Zeus' long-suffering bride. Hera was raped and tricked by Zeus into marrying him and was then dragged through the muck and mire as her loyal husband screwed and philandered and stuck it in anything in a skirt.

Talk about messed up Scorpionic dynamics.

Unfortunately, the men who created and furthered the myths missed about 50% of the story. They missed the herstory of the history, as they say. This is the case with Greek and Roman mythology as well as with much of the standard religious and spiritual imagery of the day. We're working with partial archetypal truth at best and straight up patriarchy-approved fabrication at worst, and we have to understand how detrimental these power-imbalanced units of cultural transmission can be.

At this New Moon, Juno's heard just about enough of the male-dominated take on her life and experience. All the feminine asteroids have, actually. They'll speak on their own behalves from now on, thank-you-very-much.

With Yods dominant now and through the first third of 2013, religious and cultural (Jupiter) establishments (Saturn) are ripe for a massive shake-up (Uranus), and it's the denied feminine perspectives (Black Moon Lilith) that are really getting the job done.

As we open into this New Moon in the sign of truth, myth, and story, it's time to re-write many of the stories one woman at a time, with the female/feminine voices - the real ones, not just the easily swallowed and non-threatening versions - equally strong, equally prevalent, equally important. It's time to bust out of the word-woven chrysalises of these old men and into our own stories. The real stories.

As we move through this potent, post-eclipse season New Moon portal, it's time to call these dudes on their untruths, their half-truths, their bluster, and their blowhard poetic waxings that sound important but don't even come close to the reality of the situation. And this includes the people working the "Enlightened" Boys Clubs that continue to further patriarchal mythology, symbology, and religious/spiritual imagery today.

The feminine asteroids used in astrology, in particular, have been saddled with this Boys Club mythology. There is widespread sexual violence, control, and misconduct toward women in the stories of the old Greek and Roman dudes, among other offenses. With Venus currently conjunct the North Node in Scorpio (exact December 12), it's time to carve a new path through it, shedding light on the domination/subjugation dynamics that are wrapped up so neatly in these mythological images.

From a previous post:

"The threads of misogyny in symbols and myths reflect current-day societies and structures where underlying hatred of and violence against women are woven into the fabric. They simmer and poison, a little flicker visible here and there, until they are full-on confronted - repeatedly - and made wholly unacceptable by both men and women.

Instead of carrying the sexual violence of this mythology forward - even a little - in the underlying astrological symbolism of the feminine asteroids, it's time to consciously address it, working the feminine energy free from the karmic weight of these myths.

We can use these myths to understand the historical context within which we're working, but it's time to advance the stories. It's time to re-tell these tales from the female point-of-view and to stand up to an established order that involves pigeonholed roles for women: as de-sexed, as sexual object ideal for men, or as unprotected victims of systemic rape, sexual brutality, and control...

By exposing and working through the mythological threads, by adding a stronger and more fully-developed female perspective, and by calling those old "Gods" on their shit, we move beyond the old stories and the old dynamics, advancing an astrology that is more balanced, humane, just, and true-to-life.

These feminine asteroids will have their redemption, and there's no better time to start than the present."

The time is ripe for opening into new truth told through cultural symbols, where the experiences of women and the feminine aren't filtered through a male-dominant lens.

Beyond the clever words and the scintillating images, we get down to brass tacks. We get right down into it and speak from there. That's the key to the lock, and the Juno-Pallas Athene square so highlighted at this New Moon helps get us there.

From a previous post:

"Spiritual and religious paradigms past and present have whitewashed out the female influence, making it invisible and subservient. These squares act as the frictional impetus to stand up, speak up, and add the wisdom and knowledge of the feminine to the scene.

That wisdom and knowledge doesn't necessarily come in the form of easily-swallowed, non-threatening Glittery Goddesses and Angels and Mermaids and Faerie Nymphs, either. (A lot of that was designed to titillate dudes, anyway.)

The feminine wisdom and knowledge that needs to be integrated is white hot and will shake things up considerably. It requires something of people. It makes people uncomfortable at times. It's not about being pretty or demure or seductive. It demands its rightful place - nothing more, nothing less.

And all this will potentially be making females very feisty with each other as they clamour to have their truth heard and fully represented.

Women are used to having to compete for a limited number of spots, a limited amount of influence. We're working our way into full representation now - or at the very least, into a full understanding of the detrimental feminine shortfall - and it takes our "A games" to get it right."

It's time to turn these sick myths ass over teakettle. It's time to understand how these myths - reinforced by the story-tellers of today - work to keep women in place, pinned down, ensnared in the same old shit, falling into the same old dramas. So much of the mythological, religious, and spiritual imagery of the day keeps women repeating weighed-down words that are not their own, choking on the hubris. So much is handed top-down from males on high.

It all works to eliminate the female/feminine threat to male dominance and to the continued dominance of masculine truth.

So let's now be a threat.


If you prefer to be spoken for by these half-truth myths, and by the Kings and Queens of the Astro Empires cloaked in them, don't expect your freedom. Don't expect your story to matter. Don't expect to be unlocked from the gilded mythological cages.

Their stories are pretty. They're dramatic. Romantic. Whimsical.

And they cover up what's really going on.

The crystallized imagery and rich, burgundy words blot out unrepresented voices clamouring to be heard. The addition of ever-more obscure and titillating asteroids into the equation diverts from the fundamental issues being ignored.

You can choose to be a nameless disciple, an accolyte, a groupie, repeating words that are not your own. You can swallow half-truth interpretations of your story, of our story. You can sit back and let puffed-up wordsmith gurus say it all for you.

If the females want to stay cosy in their roles as truth-skirters, as supporters of the blowhard bards, well, don't say I didn't tell you so when it starts to get old.

And don't come complaining to me when they grind your truth under their heels.

The activation at this New Moon of the frictional Juno-Pallas Athene square forces us to clear a path through the cacophony based on our own truth and nothing but. The old myths are clashing, crashing, busting open. We have a chance to unravel these fabricated units of cultural transmission, breaking their spell once and for all.

The Goddesses are breaking out of their fairy tale nightmares. They're tearing at the Technicolour blue skies, ripping up carefully-manicured, lime green lawns, tossing matches into the castles. They're standing back as all of creation - the feminine and the masculine - comes spewing forth - dark to light, Moon to Sun.

Uranus is potent, stationing direct in the sign of identity and individuality (Aries) just a few hours after the New Moon (6:02 a.m.).

Both communication planet Mercury and female symbol Venus enter fire sign Sagittarius this week (Mercury tonight; Venus on December 15). Both bodies are trine Uranus in Aries and square Neptune in Pisces.

The strong female and feminine (Venus) perspectives (Mercury) with their increased individuation mark a potential radical Uranian break from past stories and past versions of (half) truth.

But the Mercury-Venus squares to Neptune in Pisces (December 11-16) indicate a challenge to keep hold of personal truth within the rapidly transitioning paradigms of the fin-de-Piscean era. With Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, the feminine-oriented truth can set us free, but only if we can uncover it, pinpoint it, and speak it under stressful contacts to foggy Neptune, which threaten to confuse things and swallow our stories whole.

The 'etheric catfight' threads are also picked up again strongly between December 11 - 16, with the Venus square to Neptune December 16, in particular, pushing underlying angsty residue to the surface.

"Bitches be scrappin', whether fully visible or not. And it's the witchy lines, the priestess lines, the alchemical artist lines, the wise woman lines, and the earth mother lines that are kicking up most of the fuss. There's a long history of this type of stuff on the planet, and it can get extremely harsh. It isn't limited to women, but women are primary players."


Anonymous said...

This post deserves an award!!

Incredible. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, there were parts in here that nearly made me cry (in a good way)...

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I believe in equality and on the other hand there is karma and lessons to be learned. As a "man" (having had many seemingly female incarnations, or having SN/Chiron in Pisces in the 7th house, Juno-Pallas-Moon in Pisces in the 8th and Ceres-Venus-Vesta in Taurus in the 9th along with 10 Neptune aspects) and feeling like I am here to become more masculine/self assertive (NN/Pluto/Mars/Uranus in Virgo in the 1st) there is a feeling to me that the matriarchal has had it's influence in the past (with it's negative and positive aspects) and that the patriarchal has been around long enough to see the negative (and yes there are some positive aspects, which escape me at the moment haha) and is now shifting again toward the feminine. I (having predominantly feminine familiarity, raised by a single mother with three sisters and all the feminine in my chart) have been more than happy about the shift (albeit a slow shift) however there is the seeming fact that woman today have been men in former incarnations and that they have to learn a lesson of balance also. Part of that lesson is being subjugated to a patriarchal experience I believe with the ultimate outcome being that we all integrate the masculine/feminine within our souls and live completely as equals within. The external is a place where these lessons are learned and as we stumble into the Aquarian Age (it may take the entire 2,000+ years but I hope not!) I am thinking (Aquarius) that these lessons will become more integrated within all humans (regardless of sex). Who, knows, maybe as we learn these human lessons we incarnate into other worlds/dimensions that would seem to exist in the infinite space of the Universe as we know it or, in some cases, perceive it.

Willow said...

Yeahhhhhh, I don't do past lives, and I don't do "men" and "women."

I don't care how feminine you are, if you live as a man and society sees you as a man, you're a man.

That male "I'm really very feminine" perspective is one of the problems I'm pointing out in this article.

Anonymous said...

where did the forum go?

Anonymous said...

"And all this will potentially be making females very feisty with each other as they clamour to have their truth heard and fully represented."

Yahoo! I am grateful for the women in my life right now. We definitely are feisty and in the spirit of collaboration, it is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your intelligence on this topic.

Anonymous said...

It's like, when Rutherford discovered the atom bomb, what was he thinking?
Think about it.

Greg F said...

I enjoy your thoughtful articles, Willow. This year I have learned a great deal about the asteroids and BMLilith, which is exactly conjunct my Pluto. Thanks for your great insight.

Willow said...

The forum has gone Black Moon Lilith-invisible for a little while.

Diane said...

I've publicly said it before on this site, other astro sites and I think even on Facebook, IMO you are hands-down the best astrological writer that I know of. And I hope I don't offend but I have to add that If you were my daughter or more likely granddaughter I would be so proud of you I would likely burst.

Willow said...

OMG, Diane. You are the sweetest. Thank-you.

Diane said...

Sweet? Hardly. Just speaking the God's honest truth.

Willow said...

The fact that you would say it is sweet! To me, anyway.

Lea said...

You have absolutely outdone yourself, woman. Blow-by-blow, what an analysis, and is it ever happening in my life---bing-bang-boom. Thanks for the heads up.. . fewer surprises so far, more presence of mind for coping and staying light,l sociable, and reisting the urge to say more. Ow does that ever hurt, but I know it will pay off good dividends in the long run. You rock. And Diane and I can share the bursting in pride feeling if you were.....

Willow said...

Aww, you guys. Thanks, Lea.

"..and resisting the urge to say more. Ow does that ever hurt..."

Oh, man, am I hearing that today.

Jupiter conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, baby. TODAY! Live and in colour. With Mercury square Neptune? Come on!

I've been writing, then deleting, then re-writing stuff all day. So much second guessing that I feel it's best not interact at all, but then I'm compelled to.

The forum is killing me. I can't even link it to the blog at the moment!

But you're right - restraint will pay off in a big way! If we can manage it...arghhhhhhh.

Lea said...

@ "anonymous with mixed feelings." Today I was considering the difference between the Mars-Venus poles (yin-yang, whatever). We each have BOTH in each of us, so what gives? These are my thoughts for today:
It seems that the leadership and responsibility bearing aspect of the active energy and the receiving, holding, nurturing aspect of the inner energy is what we are to be working to integrate--but,instead, we have been modeled dominance, aggression and narcissism vs fear, dependence, manipulation and insincerity as "normal" behavior that we are trying to "integrate" and of course, it just isn't going to work.
My thoughts continue:
The "matriarchy" with its power grabbing is no different from the patriarchal death wish to all that does not agree with it in their essences.
And so, Life on this Planet could be about to be snuffed out due to the disconnects.
But what if the "male-female" continuum has been given to each of us to accept responsibility within ourselves to be stewards of our own authentic lives in order to live them with integrity, to support growth, health and altruism in our relationships and to guard life on this great green ball where we live : to set goals, find methods, exercise power harmoniously and delivered through conscious, honest responsible behavior in our particular part of the matrix, one day at a time.

Lea said...

yes. arghhhhhhhhhh. and, I may have blown it a little, but, it could have been SO MUCH WORSE... and a lot of dletes..and mitigations of first thoughts....

Anonymous said...

I love you! we need more of these rants, and YES, the feminine voice, the bitch voice, the slut voice, the cunt voice is begging to be heard. So much of the time, we as women, project the silenced angst onto each other instead of where it is due.

KauriFireHorse said...

I found this post really directly helpful. In fact I find lots of your posts directly helpful, and I need to come on here and say it more often.

(1) Yods: as others have noted I found this the single most comprehensible and useful explanation of Yods I have read. Also, I have been noticing Yod-energy interactions all over the place since reading this and remembering your wise words has helped me ease my way through them without freaking too much about "What's going on?! Why does it feel a bit off talking to this person I normally get on OK with?"

(2) Bitches be scrappin. I work with two women who are a bit more bought into the oppressive feminine ideals than I am. Some of the scrapping is happening under the surface but it's bubbling up more and more. I am going with it, and feeling less anxious because your post helps me understand the energies underlying things.

That is all, for now! Big thanks, wise Willow.

Willow said...

Hey, this is no rant! It's a laying of the gauntlet. "Rant" is a word often used to discredit, though I'm sure you didin't mean it in that way.

The problem with the whole "the matriarchy oppressed us, now we oppress it" thing is that it's an argument that comes from the New Age and from other "Englightened" Boys Clubs.

I'm not even sure it's even accurate. But the way it's used is to justify, excuse, and continue male domination, systemically and institutionally.

My point is that, it doesn't matter how feminine you are, if you are a man, you can't speak for women. You don't speak for the female experience.

And a whole lot of dudes are trying...including many male astrologers.

Lea said...

I agree, Willow. You are not ranting. And as much as my @snonymous might sound as if I believe in softening something, maybe that might be what the final objective will deliver, but right now, at this moment in history, SOFT is not what is being called for in any healthy woman, if soft means rolling over, not speaking up for oneself, agreeing when to agree is to lie, to wait until it is too late and "too hard, to say yes to what will continue to dismiss, disregard and harm oneself or any other woman.
Bitches, need to scrap. Witches, need to fly. Women need to be true.

Willow said...

"Bitches, need to scrap. Witches, need to fly. Women need to be true."

You bet your bippy! Perfect summation.

YouDidntKnowYouBetterCallSomebody said...

I hope the forum comes back and am not beyond posting under different ip addys to make it look like there are lots of people who feel likewise. (cause I'm sure there are)

of course fora can be totally exhausting so boundaries on energy invested in them is very prudent.

Willow said...

Hey, the forum's still there!

You can probably find it with a magic tool called Google.

Willow said...

One thing I find really hard when Mercury is square Neptune - all the typos I make! The Virgo is horrified.

Ravenise said...

I am tired of this masculinism, feminism, left vs right social engineering program that I see permeating and dominating much of the mainstream media... which is all a just another Jewish program that has infected all of us, myself included... something that was deeply ingrained into our psyche for social political reasons, with the intent of breaking down society and the family unit by creating division and friction between the sexes, by programming the men behave more like women, and programming the women behave more like men... programming the women to be more aggressive... and programming men to get in touch with their inner women. This whole dialectic is there to break down the loving bond between male and female. I've got no problem with a women or a man fantasizing about their gender supremacy in the comfort of their own living rooms, but when it comes to the media and people who influence the public re-hashing these fraudulent ideas and referring to men or women in general with derogatory undercurrents, as somehow superior or inferior than the other, I have a problem with that, Willow. We've all been affected by it... and you are promoting the poison that is being used not to help women, but ultimately break down the natural bond between male and female, and lead to their eventual destruction. How can you not see this?

Willow said...

You'd do better at the Robert Phoenix blog, Ravenise. Maybe Planet Waves?

The "feminism is a Jewish conspiracy" thing probably goes over very well there.

Here, it's hogwash.

Feminism may have been co-opted, as most movements are, but the underlying tenets are valid.

I'm not a "female supremacist," nor is that what feminism is about. If you think this is a "female supremacy" post, you really shouldn't be reading here.


It's your comment and the perspective you're putting forth that are the poison to me.

And I have a problem with THAT.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Ravenise didn't get what Willow wrote.

Willow said...

A "Save the Males" fan, I'm thinking. Ole Hank Krakow.

Ravenise said...

If you were me two years ago I probably would have said the same thing, a lot has changed since then. Just look at who owns the media. Look at who prints the money. We have been programmed to deny the obvious even when they admit it themselves. Name one media outlet that they don't own or have major influence over in this country. Using their control of the media they politicized and projected the feminist movement onto the center stage of American culture, and you can read all about it in their own documents. Whether it was a conspiracy or a projection upon the gentile world of their own hatred for the way their husbands and fathers treated them... I would argue it is both. Look at who owns and controls the pornography industry in America, and how that has raised generations of men to see women as nothing but sex objects, aiding in the break down of relationships... and look where that has lead our culture. In this age of materialism, all of us, both men and women have been programmed to fight over useless fait paper currency elevated to the status of a God, and to fight over positions of power with no real lasting value... and all a means to an end in this temporary life. All of us have been trained and programmed to mistrust and hate one another. Women are being programmed to emulate that which they claim to despise for economic gain. Men have been programmed by the same people to treat women like whores, sex objects, and punching bags. All of this is due to the programming we get in the mainstream and alternative media. Both feminism and its male counterpart are tools being used to break down society.

From a male perspective, when I read this blog it seems to me like you are projecting your own personal experiences, your own hate and distrust of men into your readings. There seems to me no logic behind taking myths and fairy tales and injecting your own version of them to create "friction," rather than getting to the root of the real problem, unless that is not your intention. These truth's seem to be your poison after all. One of the main problems we have in society is the slow degradation and breakdown of the culture and the family unit and the bond between male and female which is central to the moral decay and collapse of western civilization that we see happening all around us. Everything else stems out from there. Men and women need to learn to love one another and get past this rush to out do each other for personal gain and realize that both of us have been programmed by the same forces to behave in ways that go contrary to our own best interests, ultimately end up destroying both the male and the female.

Willow said...

Ravenise, you really need to go.

I don't hate or distrust men. But again, common accusation toward women who refuse to swallow the crap you're offloading!

I know what trip you're on, and it's not of interest to me.

This is the last comment from you that I'll publish, and I'm not even sure why I'm publishing this one.

Willow said...

Oh, it's Hank Makow, not Hank Krakow.


maggie said...

Hi Willow,
I'm an astrologer too, who largely appreciates and enjoys your insights.
Okay, bitches be scrappin' because I don't share your enthusiasm for the obscure feminine influences of planets and your dismissal of Ravinise's post.
The man-woman dynamic is in a sad state, to be sure. Why can't we all just get along?
I agree with Ravinise that there's a bit too much angry, unproductive "Vagina Monologues" disempower-the-man propaganda out there these days. Yes, she probably does read Henry Makow, but so do I, and I think the point the man is trying to make is that there's a ton of social manipulation to pit the sexes against one another, finally to give the state power over families in an assortment of sick ways.
I'm not an advocate of male chauvinism of course, but men are as bewildered as women these days about what is expected of them, thanks to a ton of negative social engineering.
Women sometimes take out their revenge on men by abusing their male children, or just being abusive with the man in their life. Women are not so sacrosanct that they don't kill their children. Women aren't that pure and lovely either, very capable of cruelty and mean thinking as any man, and I don't think men expressly put them there.I think some bad social engineering is messing with us all.
So I'm not a fan of this angry-woman-find-voice movement you're advocating. Both sexes have reason to be upset that they can't have sex and raise children in friendly, supportive circumstances.
I think you are in fact bitter from some negative experience with men, but we all need to step back a bit and discern where and why men and women have been so alienated by broader, manipulative forces.
The diliniation of feminine planetary and asteroid forces irritates me, but that's just me. Where is there any representation for the sincere, pure man?
And why are you jumping all over Robert Phoenix, who is a great astrological essayist in his own right too?
All of you astrological essayists are interesting and valuable but I wish any of you would get off certain hobbyhorses of socio-political viewpoints where you make a Procrustian bed out of astrology to support your personal experience and beliefs.

Willow said...

Maggie, you need to hit the road, too.

Willow said...

Remember when I was talking about people who don't deserve to read my blog?

Maggie. And Ravenise.

It horrifies me to think that these people come here and read.

So I'm hoping this is the last time they do.

Willow said...

I also don't see myself "jumping all over Robert Phoenix."

I'm directing people like you and Ravenise to that blog because I know it is conducive to these views you are typing here, and I don't want the likes of you around here.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen the film "Danny the Dog" starring Jet Li? I ask because this comment section here is about to resemble the astrological version of a scene from that film.

anybody who watches the trailer: by the end of the film Danny becomes his own master, but not before kicking a lot of ass.

Willow said...

Hmm, I wonder what the Pallas Athene placement is for "Danny the Dog?"


Anonymous said...

Henry Makow is a confirmed homophobe who looks at gay pron to support his case that gays are bad:

Willow said...

Yeah. He's a peach, all right.

Seriously, the fact that Makow groupies were/are reading my site is very, very disturbing.

Cairo said...

So glad to see a reference to Planet Waves. Fuck them. And the "don't be angry" comments, they really really make me angry. The passive "let's all get along" is just a manipulative attempt to calm you into submission. To them! Stay Angry, My friends, it's how you know who you are up against.

Jason said...

The Goddesses are breaking out of their fairy tale nightmares. They're tearing at the Technicolour blue skies, ripping up carefully-manicured, lime green lawns, tossing matches into the castles. They're standing back as all of creation - the feminine and the masculine - comes spewing forth - dark to light, Moon to Sun.

Really liked this comment, lord knows ive been tearing up some of the gayest castles and lawns around. I have good PA aspects in my chart and have always off the radar fought for women, and gay men to stop the drama. And look at whats really going on.

Anonymous said...

European kindergartens and schools may ban children’s books and fairy tales that depict the traditional family. This is a request of the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights. According to the committee, fairy tales should talk about sexual diversity. Norwegian experts believe that children benefit from watching porn.

Look willow, your wishes are being granted. And so begins the breakdown of Norwegian society.

Willow said...

Yes, you're right. I'm calling for children to be exposed to fairy tale porn. I just want a more sexually diverse version of fairy tale brainwashing of today's children!

You got me!

Wow, you're a fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

the reason why you're not sure if an oppressive matriarchy precede this oppressive patriarchy, Willow, is because the patriarchy destroyed all the evidence. Crusade, missionaries & inquisition targeted demonic (pagan / female) deities pretty much exclusively and countless archeological artefacts were mercilessly destroyed. the continue to be misinterpreted today... majority of archelogs behave as if patriarchy has existed since the first single celled life form divided & decided he didn't need his severed female half any longer so why not do the unspeakable to her?

The erasure of feminine history would be called, in the male justice system, "tampering with evidence." any man using the argument that matriarchy was bad enuf that women deserve to suffer for this patriarchy: their argument would be thrown outta court!

great post.