Monday, September 27, 2010

Pallas Athene Square Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius Ahead of the Venus Retro

Feminine warrior spirit asteroid Pallas Athene is coming to the end of her long ten-month journey through the wild and woolly realms of Scorpio and squares Neptune and Chiron, conjunct in retrograde motion at 26 Aquarius, to cap it off.

Pallas squares Neptune-Chiron today and for the rest of September, entering Sagittarius October 7 just before Venus goes retrograde.

Pallas Athene, please take a bow. My hat goes off to you in this sign. You had a tough row to hoe but miraculously did what you had to do and came through it.

The Moon in Taurus opposes Pallas in Scorpio later today and also squares Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius forming a fast-moving fixed T-square. We get a quick reality check here, and grounded Autumnal reality does its magical thing, keeping us attuned to real possibilities rather than the often energetically disastrous style-over-substance false Neptunian kind.

Working with our intricate emotional states, carrying things through and honouring every part even when it's not easy, can help us to finally put wounding Neptunian illusions/delusions to bed as we work with the potency of tail-end Pisces. Those tail-end smoke and mirrors effects that tempt us to fall for the old ploys, going through the wrong door to the wrong people and making us into that sillier, more naive, self-sabotaging version of ourselves. Let's not go back there, shall we? Looking these tendencies in ourselves square-on (and most of us have them), together, and following them firmly out the door (latch locked behind) is the way to discharge them for good. We'll have plenty of practice here as Mars, Eros, the Moon, the Sun, Vesta, Mercury and Venus follow into the very same square Pallas in Scorpio leads us through right now.

This especially has to do with our concepts of the future (Aquarius), as collective hopes and dreams here have been inflated and pumped full of Neptunian ether by last spring's triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron at this very degree of Aquarius.

There's a fine line between being reality-based and stomping on our dreams to the point that the future does not seem worth living. With Jupiter and Uranus both retrograding through late Pisces, the bottom drops out frequently and the icy fingers of despair can creep up and take hold whenever we go too far into the tail-end Piscean void.

The Sun and Saturn in Libra challenge us to fend off the despairs by connecting with other people and with the things that bring us pleasure. The people and pursuits that make this life worth living, despite all the fuzzy lollipop ends it has to dish out.

But then there is such thing as going too far into that territory, too. Ah, Libra. You're not as sweet and simple as people would like to think.

At the same time, being honest about the realities on this planet - especially, with Scorpio strongly in the mix, emotional/psychological/psychic realities - is absolutely essential. Anyone insisting that all is hunky dory at this point in human history either has zero understanding of anything outside their own privileged existence or is driven by fearful denial, willing to do anything to stay separate from the more difficult aspects of living and loving in these times.

Mercury has just cleared its retrograde shadow in Virgo, which should kick off some progress and untangle some delays. The combination of Pluto and Mercury stationing direct at the same time on September 12/13 was not a good time in my world. The Plutonic fetal-position terrors combined with Virgoan worry and mental stress are not much of a good time for anyone.

But today, my internet connection has finally been restored. I'm getting a new key to the building that actually works (soon-ish, anyway). And my speaking software arrived by courier today - even though our intercom to let people into the building is not working. At this point, I take what I can get as far as progress goes.

This means that once I figure it out (and provided it works with my free word processing program), I will be able to do e-mail readings while saving my wrists.

My astro article is coming out in the October 1 Phoenix File, also. If interested, you can check it out or subscribe via the link on the right sidebar.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ladies of the Zodiac...It's Showtime.

Venus is currently slowing to station retrograde in Scorpio October 8 conjunct Mars and Eros, and the pressure in our most intimate relationships is mounting. Long-held dirty tricks and suppressive techniques, especially of the masculine over the feminine, are slowly being drawn to the surface.

There are some very interesting asteroid ingresses around the time of the retrograde station, and we can see the feminine taking strategic position in light of the tricky and arduous progress it has to make over the next while.

The masculine-heavy corpo-governmental oligarchy has its five-year plan all laid out for the series of squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Its obedient and handsomely-rewarded foot soldiers have Powerpoint presentations at the ready. Designer coffee is percolated. Spreadsheets are filled with all the trumped-up facts and figures they will need to implement the further domination and running into the ground of feminine wisdom, nature, emotion, health, well-being and anything that threatens unabashed worship at the altar of phony money and corrupted power. Increasing the profit margins on its purposefully-inflicted misery, clawing ever-deeper, becoming ever-more nasty and vicious as it works the law of diminishing returns...

And the feminine is here to say: Not so fast, bigshots. Your idea of progress is not our idea of progress. We didn't agree to your five-year plan for this planet or for our lives. We've got different 'strategic goals.' And we've got alternative facts and figures - based on what is truly valuable on this planet, not on your number-shuffling trickery and cardboard facades.

A strong strategic position is what's needed here, and a strong strategic position is what the feminine asteroids, along with Venus, are taking.

The effort here turns to the microcosm of our interpersonal relations. As always, the personal is political, and what happens in the boardroom is reflected by what happens in the bedroom and vice versa.

As most know, we deal in an astrological zodiac that is masculine-heavy, reflecting certain reinforced dynamics on this planet. Eight of the ten major planets are considered masculine. Only the Moon and Venus are feminine. Important as they are, this is still a whole lot of imbalance.

The asteroids are where we pick up the slack with the feminine influence. The three major asteroids currently used in astrological charts Pallas Athene, Vesta and Juno and the dwarf planet Ceres are considered feminine, though they most often play second fiddle to the planets, other points and even to other asteroids, doing their thing with little recognition or fanfare in mainstream astrology. An invisible feminine force doing more than half the work from a disempowered position for much less than its due recognition, respect and reward. Sound familiar?

Even if we go against what feminine wisdom tells us and play by the standard masculine rule of "bigger = better" (that's worked out so well for us all), there's an unjust sharing of power within the astrological zodiac. Ceres is vastly larger than masculine Chiron and, unlike Chiron, is an actual dwarf planet with its own mantle and core. The use of Chiron, however, is much more widely integrated in today's astrology.

The fact that Ceres relates to agriculture, the growth of plants, especially grains/cereals, the seasons, the harvest and the fertility of the Earth and that it is so often an invisible symbol in the astrological chart indicates a broader disconnect - purposefully manufactured - between people and the sources of their food.

When it was discovered in 1801, Ceres was actually classified as the 8th planet. After about 50 years, it was reclassified as an asteroid. But in 2006, when the rules for the classifications of dwarf planets were changed, both Pluto and Ceres were reclassified as dwarf planets.

In effect, these reclassifications were a leveling of the masculine/feminine playing field, but the system has not yet adjusted to reflect this reality.

This is indicative of broader dynamics we're attempting to address during the upcoming retrograde of Venus in Scorpio (October 8 - November 18). The embedded and hidden nature of it all. The fear, hatred, mistrust, abuse and suppression of the feminine by both men and women and subsequent denials of feminine reality and masculine/feminine dynamics.

During the retrograde, we've got squares from a line-up of planets and bodies in Scorpio to Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius to help us penetrate, from the vantage point of our personal lives, the glossy collective illusions we have placed over these realities and dynamics.

As a testament to its brilliant resourcefulness, the suppression of the feminine can also be helpful - part of the quietly strategic nature of the feminine's work as we Plutonically transform all the masculine-heavy Capricornian structures whose dysfunction threaten the very survival of humanity on this planet.

So ladies of the zodiac, yes, as Venus stations retrograde at 13 Scorpio, dispositing the 2.5-year rebalancing and restructuring process between masculine and feminine indicated by Saturn in Libra - it's showtime.

Pallas Athene, feminine warrior asteroid, has been trailblazing in Scorpio on her own since December 2009. She was working ahead of the other planets and bodies that now transit the sign, using her bullshit-cutting etheric sword to clear a path out of the tangled, twisting, clinging vines of masculine-feminine dynamics on this planet. Over the past ten months, Pallas worked with almost supernatural persistence, courage and endurance to hit the initial trigger points, dig up the deeply suppressed spots, and draw necessary attention to areas left long neglected, unrecognized and unintegrated. You might have heard her voice over the past little while and even used it if you weren't one of the people putting a boot in her face...

Pallas Athene usually spends two to three months transiting a sign. She has spent the past ten months in Scorpio, and you can see how much work there was (and is) to do in this sign of sex, death, power and underlying energetic dynamics, mergers and exchanges - a sign that makes most people uncomfortable and one that most prefer to skip over.

But there's no more skipping to be done at the tail-end of the astrological Piscean era.

Pallas has finally completed her long journey through Scorpio and enters Sagittarius October 7, just one day before Venus goes retrograde at 13 Scorpio. Though quite comfortable in a sign co-ruled by warrior planet Mars, Pallas has had enough of trailblazing in this sign. She's tired of being out on a limb, battling her heart out in dangerous territory for collective progress while most people go about their daily lives without a clue that any of it is even going on - or why. Heavy and mostly thankless work, it is - though (as always) there are others doing this Pallas work at the same time, going through the same battle rituals, working on extrication from the same suffocating etheric bindings - mostly cloaked and on the down low, as Scorpio is apt to be.

Pallas Athene moves into Sagittarius now until entering Capricorn at Winter Solstice - the same time Venus leaves its retrograde shadow. Don't you just love astrology? From Sagittarius, Pallas shares her wisdom and unleashes some flaming arrows of truth about what she has learned during her extended trek through untouched Scorpio territory.

On the heels of Pallas leaving, asteroid Vesta enters Scorpio October 8, just as Venus stations retrograde. Vesta moves into Scorpio now to ensure that none of Pallas' hard work goes to waste. We're invested in the alchemical process painstakingly initiated by Pallas Athene and tend it carefully as the other bodies (Venus, Mars, Eros, the Sun, Moon and Mercury) pass through the points Pallas Athene triggered, continuing the process of garbage-clearing, bondage-breaking, strengthening, healing and integration.

Vesta, too, dwarfs Chiron and is the second-largest asteroid after Ceres - though there is some grey area about whether Ceres is still considered an asteroid now that it is a dwarf planet. Vesta even has its own family of asteroids (the Vesta family), whose members broke off Vesta itself after collisions with other asteroids. Vesta is the asteroid related to hearth and home - specifically the sacred flames we're invested in tending and continuing so that others may also light their candles by them. You see the import of what is going on here for lineages both past and future on this planet.

Earth Mother Ceres is also ready to make a move as Venus stations, and it's a big one. Ceres re-enters Capricorn October 9 after her retrograde regroup in Sagittarius, gathering all the strength, courage and faith she could to bolster herself for the upcoming conjunction to Pluto October 19.

The clock is ticking as we head to a major show-down conjunction within the Venus in Scorpio retrograde with Ceres, Pluto and the North Node in early Capricorn - the sign of concrete collective progress - all coming together throughout October and November. The rebalancing and restructuring of masculine and feminine - especially within shared power dynamics/structures - is desperately needed on this planet. We need to create a new and much different definition of 'progress' and 'success' - one that doesn't require the soul or physical deaths of the majority of life on the planet.

Saying that this is a matter of life and death is no melodrama. The fence-sitters are about to be kicked off the fence, one way or another.

So here it comes, and it might not be pretty. The process of real healing often isn't. We're dealing with a feminine that has been held hostage, exploited and abused while most traipse through the manufactured distractions of their daily lives unaware, walking over the trapdoor that covers her, bound and gagged.

A phony, controlled, androcentric version of the feminine has been slotted in in its place in the mainstream as vacant-eyed model, as mannequin interchangeably in store window or on man's arm, as plastic sex doll with red-lipsticked grin, as pretty, unblinking, emotionless android - and all variations therein. How convenient.

And we're dealing with a masculine that is scared spitless of what the feminine is going to do once it has worked its way out of the ties. Scared of the power shifts and what they might mean. What it might mirror back.

Unconscious, semi-conscious and overt tricks and power plays on the part of the masculine to keep the feminine right where it is can be expected. These will be apparent in men, but also with women. Really shifting things means breaking out of the comfortable societal rewards system that has been set up inducing both women and men to reinforce more of the same. Going beyond rewarded roles as far as how we look, what we say, how we well as superficial lip service paid to the issues.

The superficial shall not be cutting it with this much Scorpio energy on the docket.

On the other hand, the feminine can be one wrathful force, especially when its sense of injustice is triggered (Pluto kidnapping Ceres' daughter Persephone and dragging her off to hell, for example), so the highest forms of Scorpionic sensitivity, caring and awareness are required here from both men and women in order to bring masculine and feminine into a workable state of fairness and balance with as little battle and disturbance as possible.

Growth is a key word for Scorpio, especially the deep, soul-triggered growth that forces us to adjust our egos in ways we never conceived possible. So expect some bruised egos - especially in men who have gotten used to the unquestioned positions of power that go along with male privilege. Do what you can to give people space and support as they work shit out without letting them off the hook or giving up your own very valid position.

This is about us as individuals in relationships, but it's much bigger than that, also.

Within Scorpio, we're working to find just the right combination of alchemical ingredients - the right tenor of emotional authenticity, the application of the spiritual mind to the most degraded of unintegrated aspects of human life on Earth (especially the dark feminine), the from-the-core integrity and courage, the release and movement of energy, the strategic mergers - that open the portals taking us to a much different five-year plan than the string-pullers of the corpo-governmental oligarch have in mind. If we do what we know is right and make an effort that would make Pallas Athene, Ceres, and Vesta proud we might find those portals with just enough time to zip through and turn those nasty plans ass-over-teakettle.

NASA launched a probe called Dawn (how apropos for burgeoning Aquarius) in 2007 to explore both Vesta (in 2011 and 2012) and Ceres (2015). The asteroid belt where Vesta and Ceres lie is between Mars and Jupiter, and the most basic of interpretations of those two is the expansion (Jupiter) of war and aggression (Mars). Both are masculine planets, but maybe the effort and influence of the feminine asteroids between them can thwart those nasty plans. Maybe they already are. And maybe that has something to do with the probe.

My guess is that Vesta and Ceres really don't care to be probed by NASA at all. I sure wouldn't.

Dawn is now in the asteroid belt, and in June, one of the censors on its reactor wheel sensed "excess friction" building up.

Excess friction building...

Saturn in Libra is showing us bottom line necessity as far as relationships and partnerships. We really need each other in order to get through this next decade and beyond. We need strong, responsible partnerships built on a solid foundation. This Venus in Scorpio retrograde can help us to clear old sticking points, untangle old etheric connections and heal old wounds so that we can turn our attention fully to the relationship-building tasks at hand without distraction or drama.

Contrary to popular belief, Scorpio doesn't break old dynamics and patterns apart out of sheer vindictiveness, mean-spiritedness or spite. It does it to get rid of old, enervating poisons, hidden from the perceptions of many, that threaten survival so that something stronger, truer and more soul-aligned can emerge and merge.

We're challenged now to go over our relationships with an intuitive fine-toothed comb, following our niggling feelings and gut checks. This is a time frame when we choose who we want standing with us, who we want in our corner, when the wolves are at the door.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Moon at Zero Aries in Cardinal T-Square Formation and The Difficulty of Being Ourselves in Tense Financial Times

So my first week-and-a-half in this new city has been an almost constant case of clusterfuck-itis. Very coloured by the fact that Pluto and Mercury were stationing direct on the day I came into town. I moved in on a notoriously ill-advised day astrologically, but sometimes you can't avoid it. It's as if the universe needs you to throw yourself to the wolves to work with the heavy vibes and crossed wires and infuriating delays and glitches. Like it's your duty or something.

My internet situation is half-solved. The account has been transferred into my name. But I have to wait until Monday until it is physically changed over and I can reset the wireless password so that I can actually use my computer - rather than the cyber cafe one I'm using at the moment.

My front door key is not working properly, despite having it recut. So I'm waiting for my new landlady to cut me one from the master, and hopefully that will work. Not being able to get into your new home easily is not a welcoming feeling.

My roommate is also trying to complete some things with her ex which is making for an odd energy.

It's like multiple layers of loggerheads we're trying to inch our way out of, and the astrology reflects it.

All in all, I'm feeling very unhinged and unsettled and, true to the South Node in Cancer, have to fight the urge to pine for the farm, for my old, comforting dreams and for my old life in my old city. The one that doesn't exist anymore. I know there's no going back, but it's hard to tell your ragged emotions that after yet another Plutonic shattering of familiar ways.

I know a lot of us are in similar situations.

The Aries Full Moon really just highlights the very uncomfortable emotional territory we're in right now. The Moon was full early this morning at zero Aries, opposing the Sun just after it ingressed Libra late last night, marking Fall Equinox. The Full Moon opposition happens in tight square to Pluto in Capricorn, forming - you guessed it - a potent cardinal T-square on the early cardinal degrees. Crisp new directions. Throughout the day today, the Moon moves from an opposition to the Sun, to a square to Pluto to an opposition to Saturn. Not the smoothest of emotional sailing.

I don't see the tension kicked off by the cardinal T-squares this summer letting up grandscale until late November after Venus and Jupiter station direct and the Sun enters Sagittarius, so get your wiggle room and take your breathers wheresoever you can.

The Sun in Libra moves to a square to Pluto in Capricorn Saturday. This weekend is dynamic but testy, and we're challenged to shed rough ego edges about the way we would like things to be versus the way they are actually going. There's not much arguing with Pluto in Capricorn these days - maybe not until Ceres enters Capricorn next month.

The Sun continues to a conjunction with Saturn September 30, and that conjunction takes place in exact square to the North Node in Capricorn. More emphasis on making our way up the rocky mountain face with every false step seeming devastatingly detrimental. There is fear here. Our path forward involves partnering successfully with other people, but the conditions for doing so are difficult, to say the least.

At the same time, we have Jupiter and Uranus in tight conjunction in late Pisces and Neptune and Chiron in tight conjunction in late Aquarius. Semi-sextile in that Pisces-to-Aquarius-eras formation.

For all the cardinal energy we've got going on, the path forward is certainly not clear. Decisions are cranked out here heavily and testily amidst confusion and sometimes-paralyzing personal and collective anxiety.

The power of being ourselves is what's coming up for me here - as well as the element of emotional survival related to that. Finding a place where we can take our place alongside others without stifling in us the very things that make life worth living.

I've been exploring the city a bit and found a building devoted to the arts near where my roommate works. There was an interesting woman having a smoke out front. She was dressed in black and had long, white hair pulled into a ponytail and a slightly aggravated artist's look on her face. She looked as if she knew the score. I decided to come back another day and traipsed through the building with my resume hoping for a chance encounter with a like-minded soul that would lead to a small job.

I didn't find the encounter I was hoping for, but I did find a magazine office that publishes a local mag. Most of the other offices were closed because it was lunch hour, but there was a woman eating her lunch in this office, and I left my resume with her - oddly, even though she told me there were no jobs at this particular office.

She e-mailed me later asking if she could give me a tip about my resume. I knew right away she wanted to advise me to drop the astrology.

I was right. She told me that if I wanted a job in publishing, I would have to tailor my resume to the publishing field. Fair enough. I would agree.

The main problem was that I went into that building not specifically knowing I would be applying with a publisher. I was just looking for that connection with a like-minded creative soul.

The woman told me that she does reiki and takes whole foods cooking classes and such but that she would never list them on her resume. She also recommended that I advertise in the "local new agey type of newspaper."

(Funny. I'll forgive her for that one. But you see how astrology is automatically and unfortunately associated with New Age in most people's minds?)

She said if she were looking for a person with admin skills, she wouldn't bother to read past 'astrologer' on the resume.

She meant well, and her criticisms were valid. But it struck me that they were from a paradigm I don't care to belong to anymore.

But the screws are tightening, aren't they? The commitment to being ourselves and taking our own paths while still working within (or around) the mainstream structures is difficult. As people are starved of money and opportunities, the bleakness of subverting yourself and re-entering a rigid, colourless, corporate world becomes more of a possibility.

Working the spaces between is the only way we can honour the demands of both - making a financial living while still honouring our creative flames and flow. But damn, it's tricky.

I know we can work this alchemical process of Venus-Eros-Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto-Ceres-North Node in Capricorn and meld things into a new form - one that lights up the vitality in everyone so that it becomes the driving force within the Plutonically morphing structures. But it sure can be disheartening at times if you catch a glimpse of the hugeness of the job.

I guess that's the thing about Capricorn. You just eke out one step at a time when it seems safe to do so. That's how we get the sea back into the sea-goat.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting My Bearings with Some New Coordinates

Well, I'm now watching chemtrails being sprayed over a new city!

You can't escape them really. I was on a farm in super rural Saskatchewan about ten days ago having a campfire in the front yard when I heard an engine. I looked up and saw a big, fat chemtrail floating overhead. Thirty seconds later, I looked up again and saw a second one forming a giant X right over the yard. X marks the spot?

Weird times we're living in.

Anyway, some Virgoan housekeeping: contrary to what I originally thought, I'm still at the same e-mail address ( and will be for the foreseeable future.

I'm also on Central Daylight Time now, instead of Mountain, so the times for aspects and ingresses in future posts will be in that time zone.

I've had a difficult transition so far, but I have a big, juicy post in the works. I've been working on a borrowed laptop or at an cyber cafe due to internet problems at my apartment. I'm not sure why I chose to move into the city with both Pluto and Mercury stationing direct, but I got caught in the aftermath of my roommate's ex moving out and the subsequent transfer of telephone and internet has not gone smoothly.

I'm hoping to have this solved by early next week when I will again be available for readings.

The Sun is moving through late Virgo opposite Jupiter Rx and Uranus Rx in Pisces making those last Virgoan details and the remaining Saturn in Virgo hangover very tedious and stressful to deal with. There are certain things (many things) that are simply out of our control, and with Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces opposite a Virgo Sun, this is very apparent. The universe has a mind of its own, which does not work so well with the sensitive nervous temperament of Virgo energy.

We're only a couple days from the Sun entering Libra and Fall Equinox, though, which will be a welcome shift.

The following day, September 23, we have a Full Moon at zero degrees Aries - the first of two book-end Aries Full Moons on the zero degree and the anaretic (29th) degree next month. This emotionally culminates the initial Aries seed time this summer with the cardinal t-square and Jupiter and Uranus in early Aries. It also culminates the previous Venus retrograde cycle in Aries ahead of the upcoming one in Scorpio.

The Sun will conjunct Saturn at the end of this month, and I think that will be a nice, solidifying aspect after a stressful cardinal t-square dominated summer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Drawing From the Venus in Scorpio Vault

When the sign of Scorpio is prominent something is changing from one state to another.

As Venus transits and retrogrades in Scorpio over the next four months (September 8 - January 7, 2011), Eros, Mars, the Moon, the Sun and Mercury will also pass through, keeping the Scorpionic state-changing process in the astro headlines.

Under the astrological lens, we all have Scorpio in our charts, just as we have all 12 signs/energies/functions represented. If you have a strong Scorpio/Pluto contingent represented by planets, points, transits or aspects in your natal chart, the transformational changes in state will be ongoing and a much stronger, deeper theme in life - relating to a longer-term process of pressurizing and purging, tending and melding to continually wrest something truer and more to our soul's liking for growth and divine alignment from the elements with which we have to work on this planet.

Wherever Scorpio lies in your chart is the area that will be undertaking this alchemical transformation over the next four months. With Venus, Eros and Mars involved, it is coming about through alchemical changes in relationship and relationship dynamics.

The way we relate is ready to change. This especially involves underlying male/female and masculine/feminine energetic exchanges and dynamics, as well as money, value, self-worth, beauty and needs - especially emotional and sexual needs.

Certain figure eight energy dynamics we've been ingrained into in the past must now be re-routed. Certain crystallized emotional pathways and roles we've been conditioned to take - or have allowed ourselves to be placed in again and again for the convenience of others - must be shed through conscious effort and use of will. Certain attractions and relational tracks we've taken again and again that prove not to meet our deepest needs must finally be moved beyond.

The societal concept of relationship in general, especially love partnership, is undertaking a massive maturation process with Saturn's transit of Libra.

As a culture, North America has a very juvenile idea of what love and partnership mean along with an often energetically irresponsible use of sexual energy, reinforced through media. As Saturn digs in in Libra, Neptunian-illusory versions of love relationship, beauty, money, sex and what our needs really are within relationship are dissipating quickly. As a culture, we're being forced to grow up quickly around these concepts. But after the initial sting, reality within relationship will become much more attractive and much more deeply sexy than facade versions we've been accepting and reinforcing. This is how we get to the true relational power we can wield together for grandscale collective change.

These themes are hinted at now as brave warrior woman Pallas Athene, out way in front of the pack in Scorpio for the past nine months, prepares to square Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius at the end of this month. Pallas is wielding her etheric sword in Scorpio and will puncture wounding illusory bubbles, many of which were pumped up and reinforced during the Aquarius triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron May-July 2009. Neptune and Chiron have retrograded back to that degree. Now, as Pallas disconnects us from ties to the manipulative Neptunian illusions/delusions that can so easily be our downfall, we can dissolve them and come back to Earth - which is the truly healing path in the long run.

Clearing them away is a process, however. Isn't it always?

Pallas leads the way, but the themes grow in intensity October through December, coming to a head at various times during the Venus retrograde as the Moon, Mars, Eros, the Sun and Mercury also square Neptune-Chiron in late Aquarius. Especially feisty is a time period around October 22 when we power through the illusions with sheer strength of committed will as Mars-Eros square Neptune-Chiron.

There is great healing potential through relationship with this Venus retrograde, but only if we're masterful with the energy, refusing to cheapen, dilute or downplay our experience as human beings at this time on this planet. Refusing to fall for the old tricks, the old detrimental attractions and the old plays on our hopes and dreams and the way we wish things were.

To fortify ourselves for the journey ahead, I thought I would draw on some information previously posted since Mercury is retrograde in Virgo (going back over previous work). I sometimes find it fortifying to go back over pertinent information ahead of a big transit.

In addition to a couple recent posts on the Venus retrograde ("Venus Trines Neptune-Chiron and Enters the Retrograde Shadow at 27 Libra" September 2 and "Venus, Eros and Mars in the Via Combusta and Karmic Love Cleansing Through the Alchemical Fires" August 25), here are some older excerpts:

A post from the second last time Venus transited Scorpio (September 23-October 18, 2008): "Venus in Scorpio, I Love Your Hardcore Ass! And Yet, You Make Me Want To Die...," October 7, 2008.

"...we're the people who can never deny the dark and twisted elements of human experience. We see through the glossy, personality veneer right to the soul, right to the denied parts that people try to cover up and pretend don't exist. We see through the song-and-dance right to the hidden motivations of each individual we come into contact with. We know what they want from us and see the ways they're not being straight about getting it...

Unlike other people, we can't pretend we don't know about this stuff. We can't pretend that we don't know you're trying to manipulate us. We can't pretend we don't see you doing the wrong thing and getting rewarded for it, gaining power from it. We can't turn a blind eye when we see you sucking other people dry and using their energy for personal gain...

This is also why most Plutonic/Scorpionic-types can't stand the current "everything has to be happy, happy and positive" propaganda in the pseudo-spiritual circles. Scorpio knows negative and positive, light and dark, co-exist. They are yin and yang. To deny the dark and negative is to deny the realities of life. And it's this denial that actually gives the dark free rein to come out in ugly, twisted, unconscious ways - ways that can then be even further denied.

When the masses insist that the dark doesn't exist, or that it doesn't exist IN THEM, it leaves a disproportionate amount of dark and ugly for the people who can't refuse its existence. In other words, it's just not fair, not balanced, when people refuse to accept and integrate the reality of light and dark co-existing. When people refuse to take responsibility for conscious awareness of the darker aspects of life and self, they leave a very skewed reality for those who know otherwise and can't bury their heads in the sand."

And a post from the last time Venus transited Scorpio (November 7-30, 2009) "It's Been a Long Time Coming...And It STILL Ain't Here!" November 15, 2009. The Moon was conjuncting Venus at the time of this post, just as it will be September 11.

"The Moon in its dark phase came together with Venus this morning. A conjunction of the feminine planets, merging forces in the deep, dark sign of ancient soul knowledge, Scorpio. Feminine strength and its raw, powerful beauty - wounds, scars and all - holding its position as Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn square off in the first of three closing squares. Holding its position as the Old School Masculine believes it's divvying up the world and serving it on a silver platter to its cohorts at the top of their man-made pyramid-scheme hierarchies. Dividing it into dollars and cents, euros and yuans, rupees and dinars.

All the raw, soul-deep Scorpio is squaring the triple conjunction in Aquarius and trining Uranus Rx in Pisces. Eyes on the future, eyes on the future is the constant refrain.

But what about now? And what led up to now?

It's been a hurtful trip to this Earth for many of us. A long succession of hurtful trips through the lineages.

And we're supposed to believe a change is coming. That it's almost here. After lifetimes of dirt in our eyes and salt in our wounds, after being ground down and ground down until we barely had the strength to go on. After having the faith diminished to the tiniest pinprick of candlelight. After having what's right and good punished and abused and mocked for so long.

Scorpio is intuition. The soul knowledge we kept inside and carried with us through generations like the most valuable of family heirlooms. Like the best china or lace or silver or pearls. Because it is the most valuable family heirloom.

And we agreed. No, we'll never forget. We'll never give up. We'll continue despite derision and opposition and every dirty trick in the book. We'll use that derision and opposition and all those dirty tricks to get better and wiser and stronger and more effective. Until the change is here. Until we can see it with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears and taste it with our own tongues.

And everyone who kept that promise, who kept his or her soul close, who protected the connection and the knowledge above all else and fought for that right in others, knows the struggle. We know it's the only battle worth fighting here on this beautiful little planet.

Here's Beth Hart, an Aquarius Sun, singing about the real change - not the co-opted Obama-fied version:

Beth Hart's A Change is Gonna Come

It's an old song written by Sam Cooke that has been covered many times, but her version really captures the feeling of this Scorpio square to Aquarius and trine to Pisces to me.

She's singing about all the times our hearts have been broken because the change didn't come. The sweet, child-like hope we had for it that was crushed so many times. And the times we went out on a limb for what was right and good and were left hanging because what was supposed to be there to support us wasn't.

And she's singing about the never-say-die resolve. The sheer strength of will of what is right and good. The power of soul truth. And the love that is so strong it keeps us getting back on our feet to try again...and again.

We can be thankful for the particular brand of Venus in Scorpio love here because with it, the heart has been broken and betrayed so many times that it won't be fooled again. Venus here is not an easy sell. Glossy words and social charms will never impress. Only the real change will suffice."

From "Let's Be Thankful for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Right Now," April 26, 2010. This also talks about the dynamics of a Scorpio Moon, which we will be experiencing as precursor to the Venus in Scorpio retrograde this Saturday, September 11.

"The Moon wants to hold on, but Scorpio knows that to do so is death - at least soul death. So we have to be gentle but skillfully ruthless with any ways we've been conditioned to dish out or accept subtle mistreatment, severing ties to energetic dynamics that will never truly nourish us.

There are themes of emotional deprivation/starvation here - and of fighting our way out of that and into truly nourishing territory. Psychic surgeon Scorpio, cutting away whatever snuffs us out emotionally so that the truly vital connections can strengthen and grow. It's a precise application now, more often working with people and relationships rather than simply cutting ourselves off from them altogether."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Moon in Virgo and Clearing a Path

The Moon was new in Virgo early this morning, and we have a fresh chance to emerge from the Saturn in Virgo depressive hangover we've been dealing with as the Sun and Mercury retrograde transit the sign. Saturn may now be in early Libra, but the arduousness and trauma of the past two-and-a-half years of Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces are far from being a memory...

This New Moon is a final emotional paring away, and we're reminded of Saturn in Virgo's admonitions about keeping things clean and clear in our lives - physically, emotionally, etherically.

This means releasing excessive habitual reactions like worrying, stressing and criticising and holding that Virgoan tongue a bit more often. But it also means releasing the situations and people who make you into THAT person - the one who has to nag and take care of the details and point out where others are falling short and wreaking havoc. Masterful Virgo, when functioning correctly, works to do things right. This is often taken advantage of by the less masterful who don't have such exacting standards.

At this New Moon, with Saturn, Mars and Venus in Libra, we can release the people and situations who habitually use and abuse the Virgoan drive to service, simply sidestepping them. Here, we can streamline and precisely define just what it is we are responsible for along these lines post-Saturn in Virgo.

No going back into old habits or patterns under this Moon, though the pull to old territory and old emotional quagmires is definitely there.

We have a South Node in Cancer, keeping us craving old haunts, old faces, the enveloping comfort of times past. Cancer South Node sees things with a dangerous level of nostalgia, so we have to be careful not to be sucked into a selective memory retro view of 'the way things were.' In reality, there were no good old days. Hank Williams was twanging on the jukebox while black men were being dragged behind cars full of drunken good old boys. And obedient wives cried silently into their cake batter waiting for them to get home.

In other words, keep on trucking.

Venus enters Scorpio today, too, a sign often caked with old layers and sticky attractions that are no longer in our best interests. Ahead of Venus' retrograde (October 8 - November 18), there are plenty of half-grown-over mine shafts we could fall down again here in our interpersonal relations if we're not vigilant.

We know where the trip wires are. We just have to stay conscious and actively avoid them.

The Moon enters Scorpio early morning September 11, conjuncting Venus, and we have an initial emotional status report related to the territory we're going to be going through and then back over during Venus' retrograde.

Add to this astro climate Jupiter re-entering Pisces late tonight (hanging out there for the rest of 2010), a sign with many a haunting siren song tugging at our wistful and self-sabotaging rosey-hopeful parts, and cutting a path through the chaos with this Virgo New Moon truly puts our post-Saturn-in-Virgo skills to the test.

Pluto and Mercury are stationing direct trine in earth signs at the moment - Mercury goes direct in Virgo September 12, and Pluto goes direct in Capricorn September 13. Things are tight, and we're being held physically in place as the gears shift. Every word and every action is weighted this week, and only what's necessary is allowed.

Pluto is kicking up a big case of the fears at times, rumbling through our emotional and energetic bodies from the epicentres. Mercury in Virgo keeps us worrying about it all, so release the mental stress in controlled bursts rather than letting it build up and boil over - and help others do the same, if you can.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peacemaking Versus Peacekeeping: Venus Trines Neptune-Chiron and Enters the Retrograde Shadow at 27 Libra

This might be a controversial assertion, but I don't think the sign of Libra alone is all that skilled in the creation of peace. Libra is the peacekeeper, maybe. But peacemaker? Peace creator? No.

Libra can often maintain, through it's slick social skills and airy diplomacy, a form of peace that has already been established, but getting to a state of real peace often involves getting into it, and Libra is a sign that, especially when squared by Cancer or Capricorn, prefers to avoid that unpleasantness.

This avoidance is problematic because getting to a real state of peace often involves complex and longstanding disputes, injustices, imbalances, hurts, and oppressions that have been hidden, covered over, smoothed over, let slide, reinforced - made worse, in fact, by Libra's glossing over of realities and nervous insistence on everything staying nicey nice.

Slapping a Band-aid on it and forcing a phony handshake over drinks without addressing underlying issues is not the recipe for true, longstanding justice or the peace that stems from that. Keeping everything Libra light and pleasant isn't really the goal when you get right down to it - getting to the root of the discord and injustice is, as well as to a mutual understanding of what caused and continues to cause this so it can be addressed and the chains broken.

The drawing up and divining sign of Scorpio, then, becomes instrumental in the process of peace creation. The road to peace might be initiated in cardinal air Libra, but it's fixed water Scorpio that digs in and takes the process beneath the surface, where it needs to go to be crystallized.

It's the catalytic power of expressing the raw human experiences of millenia of oppression on this planet, especially the emotional realities, that starts the process toward real peace, equality and harmony. If we can't get to and express the core realities, we don't get to any real healing, peace or understanding.

With Scorpio, there is right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust - and these cut-and-dry distinctions can make Libra, which at times searches for common ground that does not exist, very uncomfortable. This is part of the reason why Venus, Libra's ruling planet, is considered to be in its detriment in Scorpio.

Well, folks, this is where we're headed as Venus crosses the threshold of its retrograde shadow September 5, entering Scorpio September 8 and not leaving until January 7, 2011. This is part of the massive challenge we're facing as Venus, Mars and Eros, and by October the Sun and Mercury, follow Pallas Athene through Scorpio post-cardinal t-square initiations. The deep cardinal initiations now require an even deeper recalibration process. We tunnel to the core of the situations, get to those ever-elusive brass tacks and break up past-related stagnance, spurring new pathways, new relational dynamics and the alchemical fusing of new partnerships as we enter 2011.

Scorpio is a sign that is, or rather, can become, fully aware of core realities and hidden dynamics, especially of the domination/subjugation variety. Skilled Scorpionic types (whether that be a strong Scorpio contingent, a strong Pluto, a strong 8th house or a combination) can feel a subtle energetic disruption most other people wouldn't have the radar to pick up, and they can follow that disruption right to the often stinking-to-high-heaven root cause, sussing out how things are going to go from there with sheer intuition.

They can understand the root causes of behaviour that other people would write off as bizarre or extreme - especially when that behaviour is an expression of collectively-reinforced repressive/oppressive dynamics. Scorpio understands that at a certain level of collective denial, the pressure on individuals cannot be contained any longer, and it erupts.

So people working in the Scorpionic realms are aware of underlying dynamics that other people are not - or refuse to be. They know the subtext, and this leaves them experiencing and transmuting way more than their equal share. In societies in full-blown denial of the fact that most of their wealth, comfort, power and prosperity (their privilege, period) come from the reinforced suffering of other living things, this means they often have to do their special brand of energy work without proper outlets or assistance in dealing with it - despite the collective origins.

Scorpio knows that things left unaddressed and festering too long, with a false and cloying Libra nicey nice facade thrown over top like cheap perfume, will eventually lead to the powder keg blowing in much more damaging ways. Unlike other signs that can slough them off or explain them away, the energetic disturbances and warning signs stick with Scorpio like thorns until it works them bit-by-bit to the surface to do their catalytic thing, and then out of the system. From experience, Scorpio knows that if there is discord or an 'off' feeling, there is generally a reason for it that needs to be addressed. So it attempts to address...even when those around it are doing everything in their power to stuff it back down and look the other way.

As the personal planets pass through this sign during the last quarter of 2010, the Scorpio area of people's charts is going to be lit up, stirred up, churned up, and everyone will be an honourary Scorpionic. Everyone will be an energy detective, a psychic sleuth, an alchemical surgeon, plumbing the watery depths of our interpersonal relationships. Yes, we're all going to get a big old dose of Scorpio now and for the next four months - even the professional deniers. Things are going to be coming to the surface. Mm hm. Boy, are they. Especially by the time the Sun shines its light in Scorpio and conjoins Venus October 28.

Scorpio is a sign that, at a certain point, simply cannot put up with any more bullshit - even when the people around it are happy to keep shovelling away. At a certain point, there is no more absorption of other people's garbage or denial or unconsciousness possible. At a certain point, Scorpio has been left holding one too many bags and has had one too many loads of crap dumped in its lap.

We're at that point now.

The magical purging and transmutation skills can only handle so much overload by those who are shirking their own responsibilities, and lines in the sand will be drawn here. We work on drawing those lines until the Sun-Venus conjunction October 28, and then we turn our attention to implementing them.

Scorpio reads the signs. It knows that small events and behaviours and comments and vibes are the tip of the iceberg with roots to much larger issues.

As Venus, Eros and Mars move through late Libra and into Scorpio (Venus September 8, Mars September 14, Eros September 15), the signs point to a massive uncovering, examination, purging and recalibrating in relational dynamics. There is some seriously rotten stuff being passed around by some seriously unconscious people...or maybe they're fully conscious of what they're doing, after all.

Retrogrades involve course corrections. Venus retrogrades involves course corrections in relationships, having needs met and money.

Read the signs in your own life, especially in relationships, and be proactive in following them to the roots and making changes as the retrograde progresses.

Whatever isn't right is keeping you from what is. Be brave. Prune your relations how they need to be pruned. Speak up. Don't look the other way and increase the already massive pressure on our relations at this point in human history. Release some of the pressure by earnestly digging in to the thorny issues that will be thrown up by this potent little transit of Scorpio and Venus retrograde.

Draw water and draw water and draw water again until it runs clear. Get closer and closer to your core truth, your core reality, and speak it, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. (If it evokes a "You're so negative/bitter/dark" reaction from a New Ager, you're in good standing.) Interact from that place so you will find yourself, at the end of this Venus retrograde, interacting with people who are closer to compatibility with your authentic soul self.

If you feel comradery, support those around you who are attempting to work some of those nasty thorns the collective refuses to acknowledge to the surface - especially when it deals with the dark feminine perspective. Help clear the path a little if you can for those who are struggling to bring some long-neglected aspects of the collective to the surface, pushing through immense constriction and opposition. Don't just put another boot in their face like most will.

Run the Via Combusta gauntlet by reading the signs in the human relations around you and avoiding the detritus that is not your's to deal with. There are plenty of energetic traps we can step around and emotional meltdowns we can avoid during this time if we masterfully heed our Scorpionic intuition.

Nowhere will these dynamics be more apparent in the relations and energy dynamics between men and women/the masculine and feminine.

Imbalanced and oppressive energy dynamics and power structures have been reinforced here for so long that most people do not even recognize them anymore. Feminism is an antiquated concept, right? No need for that any longer. We're EQUAL now.

So very conditioned the people are to accept the unacceptable and then smile about it...

Within the context of the tail-end Piscean era, we have the task of airing grievances that haven't been properly aired in centuries or millenia possibly, grievances that have all the subtlety and difficulty in expression you would expect from such complex, compressed and covered-over energy. Getting to the nitty gritty perspectives of the parties or groups involved and working outward from there toward peace is a time-and-energy-consuming, emotionally difficult, back-and-forth, hard-won process. Again, one that Libra is often not all that keen on taking on.

Saturn transiting Libra, though, is going to force the maturation of that sign's expression through challenges of this nature.

The Venus in Libra trines to Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius September 4/5, carried into the Venus retrograde and repeated not-quite-exactly as Venus stations direct November 18, will start to show anyone who has the courage to look how based in wounding illusion, coercion and domination many of the current versions of "peace" really are. Scratch the surface, and you will see a much different story.

With vigilance and the skillful use of the Scorpio energy, the catalyzing power of the truth about these facades can really gain traction.

On the other side of the coin, though, people will be using the trine energy to reinforce more of the same, creating the illusion of common ground where it does not exist. Watch for this personally and on the global stage, and don't allow yourselves to be drawn in. Any false bridges begun now will be dissolved (or blown up?) in early January when Venus, coming out the the Scorpio retrograde, squares Neptune-Chiron - but be very careful what you let pass until then.

With Neptune-Chiron involved, these dynamics will be highly apparent in the New Age paradigm. Where all is love and light until someone speaks a truth that doesn't fit into the carefully-manufactured and artificially-sustained world of pseudo-harmony.

Here we find the labelling and explaining away of anyone who has a difficult perspective or voice - one the generally socially privileged, white people populating the New Age cannot accept lest it burst their collective bubbles - as bitter, negative, self-hating or whatever makes them feel better and able to divide off, ostacize and alienate that which disturbs them.

It will become crystal clear to those with the eyes to see how New Age labelling, agenda-pushing, and pseudo-spiritual elitism has led to people getting farther and farther from their real voices - and from the honest expression of their experiences that will really start to get things done on this planet.

Keeping people speaking bland, ineffectual New Age 101 ideology on heavy-rotation, huffing dirty Neptunian false light energy until they're light-headed, and desperately looking for some sort of easy out is purposeful, of course. As is bullying people into abandoning their true experiences, their true voices, and the work of bringing the words of their experiences to the collective...

For a group of people who profess to shine so much light, they sure like to skip over the darkest corners, don't they?

I had an experience recently with one of the edgy brand of New Agers. This individual mis-represented himself to me as someone who shared my perspective so he could use me to publicly voice his own dissatisfactions with certain elements of the New Age establishment while keeping himself safely within its confines, never risking his status with the NA in crowd.

This experience showed me yet again how desperate the New Age establishment is to sustain itself into Aquarius, as the Piscean Age paradigm dries up. How devious its methods are in leeching new sources of energy from outside the New Age herd. It also reminded me how potent the New Age embedding really is - to the point that people can't (or won't) recognize it in themselves, though it boggles my mind how that could be.

The discord, the injustice, the swallowed oppressions are just thrown into the dumpster to be added to the trash heap. Fill one landfill of emotional/energetic garbage and just move on to another one.

But again, we're at tail-end Pisces, and the landfills are full to overflowing. There's no more room to throw away and worry about another day. Another day is here. Actually, it was here last week.

The work as Venus, Eros and Mars enter Scorpio is in the subtle, energetic realms. In the unspoken and the unseen...but felt. In the everyday relational oppressions and power imbalances. In the anger we rightfully experience and too often swallow. In the oppressions people stay silent about or gain benefit from...and thereby reinforce. In the falsity people accept and allow and reinforce to stay socially acceptable and likeable. The areas upon which people refuse to shine a light...

I can feel it coming. Can you?

September 4/5 - Venus in Libra trine Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius (26/27 degrees)
September 5 - Venus enters retrograde shadow (27 Libra)
September 8 - Venus enters Scorpio
September 14 - Mars enters Scorpio
September 15 - Eros enters Scorpio
October 8 - Venus stations retrograde (13 Scorpio)
October 19 - Ceres conjunct Pluto (2 Capricorn)
October 28 - Sun conjunct Venus (5 Scorpio) - discharge point
November 7 - Venus re-enters Libra
November 18 - Venus stations direct (27 Libra)
November 29 - Venus re-enters Scorpio
December 19 - Venus leaves retrograde shadow (13 Scorpio)
January 7, 2011 - Venus enters Sagittarius